Sinterklaas visits Tallinn on Sunday 5th December 2010
05.12.2010 16:00 - 18:00

On Sunday 5th December the Dutch traditionally celebrate the birthday of St. Nicolaas, the Bishop of Myra. Sinterklaas rides the roofs on his white horse, escorted by his Moorish helpers. They go down the chimney of each home and leave a gift next to the fireplace or stove for those children that have been on good behaviour the past year. Naturally Sinterklaas also visits the youngest children of the HBC members as well as those of other members of the Dutch community in Estonia.

Date: Sunday 5 December
Location: Toom-Rüütli 1 (Toompea), Tallinn
RSVP: not later than 1 December 2010 by e-mail only to:
Meant for: the Dutch community in Estonia (for younger children)

Sinterklaas requests your help: please buy a small gift for your child(ren), wrap it, put a sticker on it with the FIRST AND LAST NAME in CAPITAL letters and do not forget to bring it with you on the 5th! Suggested price for the gift: between 100-250EEK.
At the time of registration please also send some information about your child: name, age and languages spoken. Also include a brief description of what your child did extremely well this past year, where there is room for improvement, hobbies etc. This will help Sinterklaas to have a brief chat with your child when handing it its gift.

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