The Secret Behind the Smile: a look behind the scenes in our state of the art dental clinic
28.02.2013 17:30

It will be fun, learningful and the drinks and snack are free. But seriously, it's a perfect opportunity to learn more about dentistry. How do we make those beautiful crowns and bridges? How do those Hollywood stars get thos perfect smiles with white teeth? What does a laser do in a dental practice? Event will be organized by dental specialists: HBC member dr. Ewoud Jansen (dentist from the Netherlands) and Dr. MSc. PhD (stud) Meeme Mõttus, founder of the clinic.

Location: Citymed Dental Clinic, Narva mnt 59 Tallinn (Free parking at the back of the clinic)
Please inform Ewoud Jansen, if you will participate!

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