HBC guided excursion - Michel Sittow exhibition in KUMU
08.09.2018 16:00

Michael Sittow (c. 1469 – 1525), also known as Master Michiel, Michel Sittow, Michiel, Miguel and many other variants, was a painter from Reval (now Tallinn, Estonia) who was trained in the tradition of Early Netherlandish painting. For most of his life, Sittow worked as a court portrait painter, for Isabella of Castille, the Habsburgs and others in Spain and the Netherlands. He was one of the most important Flemish painters of the era.

Excursion (in english) will take time 1 hour, ticket 10 eur/pp (to be paid in museum).
Registration: info@hollandbusinessclub.ee by 6.09.2018
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